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“What is Cinema? The answer to this question is no easy matter. Cinema resembles so many other arts. If cinema has very literary characteristics, it also has theatrical qualities, a philosophical side, attributes of painting and sculpture and musical elements. But cinema is, in the final analysis, cinema.” - Akira Kurosawa


New Jersey Indian & International Film Festival’s ( NJIIFF) aim to reach out to all American, Indian & South Asian Community through Films & Related Art forms. The festival gives local & International Film Makers & Talents a platform to showcase their talent & films internationally…


The Objective Behind the NJIIFF is to Connect Creative People Through Films;

- To bring 2 biggest film production markets together USA & INDIA
- To Promote & Create larger audiences for Independent film maker
- To Showcase Diverse Cultures & To Appreciate Art Of Films
- To Bring & Create Market for Indian Regional Films mainly Gujarati / Marathi / Punjabi & Telugu.


For the year 2018 Following are the competition categories:


1.Best Feature Film (40 min & above)
2.Best Director Feature Film
3.Best Male Actor In Feature Film
4.Best Female Actor In Feature Film
5.Best Short Film (Between 5 min to 30 min)
6.Best Director Short Film
7.Best Male Actor In Short Film
8.Best Female Actor In Short Film
9.Best Documentary Film